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AvantLink Merchant Referral Program

What Does AvantLink Do?

Doing business in the United States, Canada, and Australia, AvantLink provides a platform to grow product sales using affiliate marketing. They originally specialized in the outdoor, recreation, and sports industries. With the proven success of their system, they have branched out to electronics, home and garden, footwear, health and fitness, fashion, and other specialties.

How Does AvantLink Work?

AvantLink has two programs. One for merchants and one for affiliates. Companies are screened for quality and compatibility before they are accepted onto the merchant list. (Note: Look at the bottom of their "Programs" page for a current merchant network list.)

Once approved, merchants can offer free integrations tools, daily updates, and RSS product feeds through the API, to the affiliate advertisers in their referral program.

AvantLink integrates with Shopify and offers a WP (WordPress) plugin to affiliate marketers with a valid and active account.

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