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Accessible, Responsive, and PPC Website Evaluations


Are you color blind? Are you squinting to read this? Are you employing a screen reader? Even if none of these apply to you, they may apply to some of your customers. Color contrast, font size, and <ul></ul> lists all play a part in making a Website Accessible to all users by making it easy to navigate. Ignore these website features and you ignore a percentage of your customers.


How old is your website? If it was built years ago, chances are it doesn't respond to the screen sizes of newer devices. Desktop computers, with their larger screens are no longer the majority. Tablets and SmartPhone now rule the Internet!

Google search gives preference to Responsive Websites, especially for users searching from smaller devices. Unresponsive websites appear further down the list.

PPC Compatibility

If you're running Google AdWords campaigns, you'll spend less money per click if your website and your Pay-Per-Click Ads match up. And, providing a better landing page experience can result in more convertions.

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